The Polperro Darts League is a winter league played on Friday nights primarily within the village of Polperro. The league was formed in 1991 and consists of up to 12 teams based in local pubs and clubs. This site is designed for members of teams within the league to provide them with results and information about the league, however anyone is of course welcome to visit.


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Penalty Points to be deducted from table 

Pelynt - 2 points for late return of results sheet 7/11/14


The Knockout Cup draw was held at the Committee meeting on 7/11/14

 Knockout Cup 1st Round Draw

  Plan B v Refugees

 Trelawney v Doggers

  Legionnaires v Pelynt

 Rebels v Ship A

  Matches to be played on or before 12th December, 2014



2014/2015 Season

Time to dust off those darts and get ready for the new season!

New players are always welcome and if you can't find a team to join, please contact the chairman (details below) who will put you in touch with a team captain looking for extra players.

Following the AGM, there is one rule change:- 

This season the doubles games will be Best of 3 Legs, 601, Flying start, Double to Finish.

Match finishing times are to be recorded on the results sheets and the format may be reviewed again for next season.




The committee have been asked to reinforce the point that it is no longer mandatory for the loser to buy the winner a drink.  This is optional and a personal choice of the loser, not a right of the winner.  In today’s economic climate, it is no longer expected that players should continue this gesture from years gone by.  Thank you.



Proposed Start of Season is 10th October 2014


Hope everone is rested after the long hot Summer!!


Let the committee know if you spot any errors on the website results.

Scoring Status

All league matches played and scored up to date.

Website Status


The team and player statistics should be OK now.



Ronnie Oliver
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Peter Powell
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Members: Nathan Toms & Dan Courtis.